How We Do It

Listening - Before undertaking a search assignment, we meet with our client organization to fully understand your needs. This allows us to ask questions, determine specific requirements and achieve a deep understanding of organizational relationships and culture. We want to know the story behind the hire and what success looks like before we begin.

Widening the Scope - Now fully briefed on the candidate profile, we review our internal database and begin research on all targeted companies. To round out this process, we may also post positions on our own website and other online job boards to identify further candidates.

Filtering the Long List - Next, we begin calls out and contact all potential candidates. We ensure every search involves a "headhunt" where we "market" your opportunity to candidates actively looking as well as candidates who may not be currently thinking about a change. All relevant candidates are directly interviewed by the lead consultant to assess for ability, style and fit.

Short list - Only when we are satisfied that the candidate pool is fully exhausted, we will assemble a shortlist of candidates. If we do not feel we have sufficient quality and depth, we will recommend an extended search.

From there, we coordinate all steps of the client selection process and provide full boardroom facilities for interviews if required. During this time, we also keep in close touch with candidates. That way we know where they stand on the possible position and can address any of the questions that inevitably come up.

Verification - Once the final candidate is selected and, with the candidate's permission, your lead consultant will personally conduct thorough and detailed reference checks. This includes verifying academic credentials as well as any other special security or background reports required by the client. We also offer a varety of candidate assessment reports.

Negotiation - When the client determines that an offer should be made to the ideal candidate, we play an important role by bringing the two parties together. We can offer advice on structuring the compensation package, provide counsel on negotiations to both clients and candidates, and serve as an intermediary to resolve questions or details to everyone's satisfaction.

Check back - Our work does not end once an offer is accepted. We will keep in close contact with the candidate to ensure his/her transition into the client's organization on the start date. As well, we will follow up with the client to ensure that there is an initial fit and their needs have been met.